Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A mothers love is forever

Dear peeps, i am just letting you know i haven't disappeared again and abandoned my lil ole blog. Today i would have celebrated one of my baby angels birthdays. My daughter would have been 15 today. Sometimes the sense of loss i feel for both my babies hits me so hard that i just go into my own lil world and hide away for a while. They may not be here physically with me, but i love them with all my heart. I miss them more than any words could ever explain.And i always will.

When i came across this earlier today though, it made me stop and think how lucky i ended up. I went on to have four beautiful babes, that's not bad going considering i thought i would never become a mama. And of course, you only have to switch on the news to hear of all the suffering in the world, so yes, somewhere someone is no doubt having a much worse time than me. So i count my blessings as i say goodnight to my rascals tonight. I am one lucky mama.

Peace, love and lots of giggles
nikki xo

1 comment:

  1. Your outlook is so positive, and yes, life goes on, and you are one lucky mama, but you deserve to be after what you went through. Xxx


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