Friday, 1 November 2013


Most days i speak to my sister on the phone. And nine times out of 10 one of us will be having a big long moan about something. Men, kids, housework, illnesses, people, public transport, the taste of greggs pasties.. Yup, you name it, one of us has probably had a good ole moan about it.

Last week sometime, after a particular lenghthy phone call where we had both spent the whole time moaning about a whole long list of things, i stopped and pointed out what we had just done. We burst out laughing. Surely life isn't as bad as what we were making it out to be. Of course not, we both agreed. We had just got into the habit of discussing all the negative stuff of the day instead of the good.

So i declared that for the whole month of November we were not aloud to moan. At. All. And we shall call it nomoanvember. Every single day we will look for only the good.

Can you go a whole month without moaning? Have a try and document something good every day in November whether its out loud to a friend, on twitterinstagram, or facebook. In a journal or in your project life album. Use the #NOmoanVEMBER so we can all see what we are not moaning about.

Happy NOmoanVEMBER peeps
nikki xo


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